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Iron & Steel Products Business Unit

Providing new value in the global steel product industry, with high-value-added services and business investment as the core elements

Iron and steel products and semi-finished products
Semi-finished steel products (slabs, billets, etc.), flat-rolled steel products (hot-rolled sheets, cold-rolled sheets, coated sheets, electrical sheets, etc.), bars, shapes, tubular products, wire rods, plates, automotive steel, special steel, stainless steel, others
Investments in iron and steel businesses
Steel manufacturing operations, steel processing service centers (processing and distribution operations), steel distribution business, automotive components business

Mineral & Metal Resources Business Unit

Securing a stable supply of mineral and metal resources and developing our overall recycling business, while engaging in environmentally conscious operations

  • Iron and steel raw materials (iron ore, coal, petroleum coke, ferroalloys, pig iron, HBI [hot briquetted iron])
  • Non-ferrous metals and products (copper, alumina/aluminium, nickel, cobalt, rare metals, titanium)
  • Secondary ferrous and non-ferrous raw materials (steel scrap, copper scrap, aluminium scrap, secondary aluminium alloys)
  • Metal recycling and environmental business

Infrastructure Projects Business Unit

Developing infrastructure projects globally that help create better lives

Thermal power, renewable energy, cogeneration, energy storage, VPP (virtual power plants), energy management services, power wholesaling, power retailing, etc.
Natural resources infrastructure
LNG import & export terminals, gas pipelines, gas distribution, petrochemical refineries & chemical plants, FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) systems, etc.
Logistics infrastructure
Port container & non-container terminals, airport terminals, inland logistics terminals, etc.
Environment & new business
New business in which structural change is anticipated, collaboration with other business units on projects which require project development expertise, and projects with global environment consideration (low carbon smart city development, water treatment business, etc.)

Mobility Business Unit I

Aiming to leverage Mitsui's comprehensive business engineering capabilities to strengthen business models and create new added-value by anticipating and responding to changes in the mobility services area

  • Logistics, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and finance, leasing and rental of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and automotive components
  • Wholesale, retail, rental and finance of construction and mining equipment; sale of agricultural and industrial machinery (machine tools and robots, etc.)
  • Passenger and freight transportation businesses, and railway infrastructure development

Mobility Business Unit II

Promoting ship, aerospace and rail businesses that contribute to the efficient global transportation of passengers and cargo

  • Trade, ownership and operation of commercial ships; intermediary services for chartering vessels (time/voyage charters), sales of secondhand ships and ship equipment; ship management and technical services
  • Sale and purchase, leasing, and finance of aircraft and aero engines, freighter conversion, and sales of helicopter, business jet and small satellite launch services
  • Leasing of railcars and locomotives

Basic Materials Business Unit

Using the power of chemistry to create new value in a multitude of business fields

  • Methanol and ammonia
  • Olefins and chlor-alkali
  • Aromatics and industrial chemicals
  • Tank terminal business

Performance Materials Business Unit

Developing businesses that connect growth industries peripheral to the materials industry.

Performance Materials
Plastics and synthetic rubber, silicon and fluorocarbon polymers, catalysts and plastic additives, titanium oxide, etc.
Advanced Materials
Liquid crystal display materials & products, semiconductor materials, materials for dental care, procurement and logistics for electronics manufacturers, etc.
Specialty Chemicals
Green/bio-based raw materials, raw materials for detergents & surfactants, raw materials for lubricant oils, etc.
Living & Environmental Materials
Housing materials, woodchips, pulp and paper products, and industrial materials businesses

Nutrition & Agriculture Business Unit

Engaging in a wide range of businesses broadly covering the food and chemicals areas

Manufacture and sales of agrochemicals and fertilizers, global logistics services for fertilizer resources (phosphate rock) and raw materials (sulfur, sulfuric acid)
Animal Nutrition
Manufacture and sales of essential amino acid/methionine, raw materials and products for feeds such as specialty/organic minerals, enzymes, and dyes
Human Nutrition
Manufacture and sales of food ingredients and raw materials, pharmaceutical and aromatic raw materials

Energy Business Unit I

A leading integrated energy player

  • Exploration, development and production of oil, natural gas and other energy resources
  • Trading and marketing of oil, petroleum products, coal, uranium and other energy resources
  • Development of next-generation energy and environmental business

Energy Business Unit II

A global player in the LNG/natural gas business and environmental business

  • Development of liquefied natural gas (LNG)/natural gas projects
  • Trading and marketing of LNG/natural gas

Food Business Unit

Engaged in the production, accumulation, marketing, manufacturing, and processing of food resources and products, we are working to develop our global business base, from which to provide safe and reliable foods to the world

Protein materials
Investment, asset management, processing, and marketing in the feed, livestock, and aquaculture business areas;
Foodstuff networks
Global marketing and logistics planning for foodstuffs (excluding carbohydrate products)
Fats and staple foods
Marketing asset management and investment in business areas, including oil milling, edible oil processing, and agriculture staples that are the basis of food cultures, such as rice and wheat
Maintenance and improvement of assets at every stage of production and marketing, from the securing of carbohydrate sources through processing and sales of finished products; global marketing and logistics planning
Value materials
Investment, asset management, and marketing of ingredients such as fruit and vegetable juices, coffee and tea, and dairy products

Retail Business Unit

Unifying production, distribution and sales to deliver delight and convenience to consumers.

Retailing business, brand business, fashion retailing business, food services, retail solutions business, points and digital payment business, and last-mile logistics
Planning and manufacturing of foodstuffs and delicatessen products; apparel products (OEM); pet products and miscellaneous items; information and service-related items; and packaging
Logistics and Wholesaling
Sales and marketing; logistics business, including demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and DCM; importing and exporting of foodstuffs, apparel, and raw materials; DC/TC contract management

Healthcare & Service Business Unit

Contributing to the enrichment of people's lives by creating business from a global perspective and providing high value-added services

Healthcare and pharma
Healthcare service provision and related ancillary businesses; health information related businesses; comprehensive support services for healthcare providers
Contract food services, uniform rental, facility management, staffing, and education businesses in Japan and overseas

IT & Communication Business Unit

Creating added value unique to Mitsui & Co. in every industry and business field by capturing trends in global ICT.

Industrial business platform field
Data management software, IoT-related solution services
Consumer business platform field
TV shopping, broadcasting/content creation, dynamic pricing, fintech/payment services, integrated mobile network operator business
ICT services & solutions field
System integration, AI/data analysis services, cybersecurity, contact centers, digital marketing services

Corporate Development Business Unit

Promoting financial business, real estate business, logistics business and strategic projects leading to the evolution of Mitsui's business

Financial business
Asset management, insurance, leasing, private equity (buyout investment, venture investment), and commodity derivatives (commodity trading), etc.
Real estate business
Real estate development and leasing, property management, real estate solutions and real estate-related businesses.
Logistics business
Worldwide distribution center, global transportation (international multimodal transportation, etc.) and heavy goods handling businesses.
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